Enhance the fundamental benefits for your customers, reduce operational costs, and demonstrate to all interested parties that you can be trusted, because you can prove beyond reasonable doubt the security & provenance of all critical data, using Digital Transformation based on Secure by Design principles.

Customer confidence is being devastated by high profile Ransomware attacks, which regularly demonstrate that established businesses cannot be trusted to protect confidential information about their customers, causing more & more customers to question trustworthiness during supplier selection.

The FBI and other security agencies are reporting massive growth in the number of Ransomware attacks, as incidents treble this year, and are also reporting attacks becoming increasingly aggressive and targeted, as organised crime syndicates commoditise the adoption of advanced cyber-warfare capabilities.

Security vendors are continually responding to new cyber threats, requiring organisations & individuals to upgrade security tools & practices regularly, in order to maintain protection against cyber attacks, but this is exposing fundamental flaws in the security process itself, which cannot be addressed by vendors alone.

Digital Transformation projects have always been about delivering fundamental business advantages over competitors, by redefining the role of technology in the customer journey and service delivery process, but adopting Secure by Design principles builds on the fact that people buy from people they trust.

Our team of technology experts have been engaged in Digital Transformation projects for over 30 years, and were applying Secure by Design principles before the term was even invented, supporting technology vendors, cloud service providers, and corporate customers across most business sectors.

We are also proud sponsors & contributors to the Great Seal Open Source Project, which designs & develops open source software & hardware that helps organisations to implement validated solutions that prove the security & provenance of all critical data beyond reasonable doubt.